Inside the restaurant Ziegelhütte

you encounter cuisine bourgeoise and well-kept beers and wines.

the "old brickyard"

In the medium-sized room, called the "the old brickyard" (40 seats) you can relax after work or during your leisure time in pleasant company and comfortable atmosphere.

Brunner's brickyard

"Brunner's brickyard" is a large room (100 seats) which is ideal for parties like weddings, birthday-celebrations as well as jubilees and all other kinds of ceremonies.

The brick studio

The "brick studio" keeps your privacy (up to 12 persons) but offers you at the same time a glance on Brunner's brickyard.

The beergarden

From the "beergarden" you have on nice days a very beautiful view over the Naab valley. In the hot summer you'll find here a shady place to enjoy a cold, draft beer.

Weather you want to enjoy our cuisine bourgeoise or celebrate a party - here you'll find premises that are just different.
Our cuisine bourgeoise regales you with bavarian, simple meals, which are sometimes garnished with other culinaric tastes.
The dishes are always freshly prepared, therefore we cook roasts only on your order (from up 10 persons).
We have also typical Bavarian snacks called "Brotzeiten" - cold and warm - as well as cutlets, steaks, fishes and salads.
From the "beergarden" you have a very beautiful view over the Naab valley.
Technical facilities for congresses and seminars, high speed internet connection and wifi are available.

You'll find an excerpt from the daily menu on facebook.

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Opening hours of the restaurant
( subject to changes! )

From Monday until Saturday

Mai - September
04:00 pm - 10:30 pm
(cuisine: 04:30 pm - 09:00 pm)

October - April
05:00 pm - 22:00 pm
(cuisine: 05:00 pm - 09:00 pm)

On Sunday closed

Celebrations outside opening times by arrangement.

Hotel & Restaurant Ziegelhütte
  • Ziegelhuette 4
  • 92421   Schwandorf

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